The Intersection Between Religion and Pop Culture

Religion is prevalent in Pop Culture. I’m going to talk about in film mainly. It’s hard to find a horror movie that doesn’t have some inspiration from religion. Mother, Written by Darren Aronofsky, is a movie about a young woman who is pregnant is renovating her home when strange events start happening, especially dealing with her husband. Without spoiling the film, you can sum it up by saying Darren reinterpret the bible and put on screen with a huge twist. There’s a scene where two brothers are fighting inside the house. These brothers are supposed to represent Cain & Abel in the bible.

The next example got banned in many countries, including the US, because of its imagery dealing with religion, Christianity to be exact. The Devils, directed by Ken Russell, is based in France’s 17th century. A priest’s unorthodox views on sex and marriage infect a group of nuns, causing mass hysteria in the town — resulting in an exercise and public execution. It’s a good movie to watch to see how mass hysteria, misunderstanding of religion, and jealousy can result in death and/or suicide.



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