Lesson 4.6 — What do we mean by the term “Cults,” & what is the “Cult Stereotype”?

I learn from this lesson that I need to watch when I use the word “Cult” when describing a “New Religion Movement.” I wonder how much new religion movement is springing up right now on the internet. I researched a little more about Mithras’ mysterious cult and found some interesting facts about the cult and the unknown origin story.

One of the stereotypes people place on cults is that they have a history of violent and/or sexual rituals or crimes attached to them. This can be said to almost all religions. Another stereotype is they have strict social rules like the Mormons or Amish, but people tags these “cults” as religions as they became more socially accepted. Learning all this information, one thing that still confuses me is what would you label the Mansion family. Are they a killer cult still, or would they be label as a new religious movement. From what I know, the only person the family, worshipped was Charles Manson.


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