Lesson 4.5 — Religious Innovation and New/Invented Religions

This by far my favorite topic to learn about this semseter. It gave great information on relgions that are many times misinterpted like Wicca, Paganism, and Satanisim. I use to judge these religions because i thought they were “evil” and “bad’ because of how movies and the mdia depcited them. I thought it was interesting to see how religion binds us together, also to see how some religions have similar rituals or at-least similar reasoning behind their rituals.

Jedism, was a new one for me, I never heard of it unti now but it’s pretty cool to see how someones creation spawn into a religion. Also, i read that the creator of starwars drew some of his isnpiration from the bible. The relgion for breakfest video pointed out a good point about what makes a relgion a relgion. In the modern day the interweb is a new medium of how relgion idealogies can be easily spread acorss the world. In the past you hd to go knock on someone door or invade someones country to get the word out for your religion, but now the internet plays that role.

Lastly, I never knew about Christians and Jews were once in the past of being cannibals. I wonder how many times in history this has happen and discredited a person relgion. I never relaized how complex Paganism is, also i wonder how different they way it’s praticed today from the pre Abrahamic religions.


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