Lesson 4.3 — Studying Anti-Judaism & Antisemitism

One of the first things that stood out to me about this week learnings is the way people creates stories or alter stories and data to push their agenda in the Klan. One think you can see today is the fear of “the white man” becoming the minority on the counry. You see this theory being thrown around all over fourm rooms and in interviews from leaders in this white supermacy groups.
I never knew about the relationship with Protestants but make sense why they use the Christian belefs as a weapon. This is also the same thing Trump campaign did with the evangelist Christians in the 2016 & 2020 election.

This finds kind of adds context to the climit American is in today. When yo push a certain agenda into the Sunday sermons, things become sticky and creats a certain rift in people reality's. It was really interresting learning the roots antisemitism, finding alot of people dveloped this hatred from getting a missunderstanding of the bibles old testament. A hatered that lasted thousands of years sounds a but ridiculous , but shows how we hold on to the past keeping us back from moving towards a more open, and accepting world.


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