Lesson 3.3 — What is #Gender?

Today I learned more about what a “cis” man and woman is how it can be a spectrum. I’ve met plenty of people who act differently from the typical stereotypes placed on their gender — putting something as vague as gender makes sense for it to be put on a spectrum. Humans arent so black and white or 1’s and 0’s. We’re a complicated species like most that develop many different perspectives.

I also learned the recent trend in fashion of covering up the body more like turtle necks, oversized jeans, shirts, etc. The H&M example talked about in one of the podcasts stuck out to me. Also, another I thought about is how in America, people tend to look down on countries where they force women to cover themselves, but in the same, breathe tel,l a little girl in high school that she needs to wear longer shorts or she cant wear a thing strap shirt. All leading to some of the practices that may be influenced by the catholic church?


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